It is a public facility that is convenient as a sightseeing accommodation in the Seto Inland Sea Resort. Beautiful nature overlooking the blue sea, overflowing greenery, and the Seto Inland Sea spreads out. With a pool, ground golf, and a turf plaza, children and the elderly can enjoy leisurely play and sports. Please spend an elegant time at the Seto Inland Sea Resort, which is full of openness.


Open daily
326-48 Mitsuguchi, Yasuura-cho, Kure-shi
Phone Number
Parking Lot
1,800 passenger cars


326-48 Mitsuguchi, Yasuura-cho, Kure-shi

About 1 hour from the car / Claire Line Kure IC Public / JR Kure Line Kure Station, about 30 minutes by JR, get off at Yasuura Station, about 10 minutes by bus or car (free shuttle bus available)

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