Hadaka Lakeside House, Satoyama Restaurant Village Light

Accommodation adjacent to Lake Hadaka Sun Sports Land & Forest Park, located in the northwestern part of the city at an altitude of 500 m. Hundreds of cherry blossoms that go around the lake bloom in the spring, and among them, it is ideal for picking edible wild plants, hiking, and in the summer as a summer resort. Enjoy nature with autumn leaves in autumn and a hot pot in winter with a dish full of yukimi sake and wild plants. The property, which used to be a facility of a forestry cooperative, has been significantly renovated and opened in 2016 as an accommodation facility, Hadaka "Lakeside House" and a satoyama restaurant "Mura no Akari". This facility also plays a role as a welfare service establishment, and the facility is also a place for daytime activities for people with disabilities.


722-043112944-1 Moroke-cho, Fuchu-shi
Phone Number
Parking Lot
30 units


12944-1 Moroke-cho, Fuchu-shi

About 1 hour from each IC on the Sanyo Expressway Mihara-Kui and Fukuyama Higashi

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