A famous hot spring known as a hot spring for beauty

Kimita Onsen has long been known as a hot spring resort, and the hot spring that gently wraps the whole body is a magical hot spring that has a high skin-beautifying effect in addition to its effects on neuralgia, poor circulation, and chronic skin diseases. Has been loved by people for many years. In addition to a restaurant where you can enjoy seasonal dishes in a calm atmosphere with a hearth, the adjacent Haramichio Museum has the theme of warmth of mothers and hometowns, so you can spend a warm time. For those who want to enjoy the magnificent nature as a group, such as playing in the river, hiking, and hot springs, we have a kitchen, shower, and a cottage that can accommodate up to 8 adults.


business hours
One-day bathing / 10: 00 ~ 21: 00 * Admission is until 20:00
3rd Tuesday of every month * August and December are the 4th Tuesday. If it is a national holiday, the museum will be closed the next day. There may be temporary closure due to machine adjustment, so please check the website before you come. (Http://www.kimita-onsen.com/stay.html)
Day trip entrance fee Adults over junior high school students / 700 yen, Day trip entrance fee Children under elementary school age / 350 yen, Toddlers / free, Optional face towel / 150 yen, Bath towel rental / 100 yen
728-0405311-3 Izumiyoshida, Kimita-cho, Miyoshi-shi
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Parking Lot
150 units (free)


311-3 Izumiyoshida, Kimita-cho, Miyoshi-shi

Approximately 3 minutes by car from Yamanami Kaido Kuchiwa IC, or approximately 25 minutes by car from Chugoku Expressway Miyoshi IC via National Route 375 and Prefectural Route 39, or by car from JR Miyoshi Station via Prefectural Route 39 About 20 minutes

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