This is a recommended spot introduced on “Good Morning Radio” on RCC Radio on 8/13. Why don’t you go out to familiar spots to make memories of this summer?

Utopia Scioto


It is an activity “Buggy Wild Adventure” that appeared this summer at the ski resort Utopia Scioto in the prefecture north (Kitahiroshima-cho). You can ride a buggy and ride on the slopes and through the woods.

Here you can enjoy glamping and ziplining, even in the snowless season. It is recommended for families.



Sandankyo is also designated as a special scenic spot of the country.
You can also experience forest therapy.
Why don’t you stimulate your five senses or refresh yourself in the wilderness with a sense of liberation?

SUP/sea kayak experience

Even if you are new to it, you can feel free to experience it in the rivers of Hiroshima city, Miyajima, and Etajima.
It is an activity unique to Hiroshima, which is blessed with calm rivers and oceans.

From the rivers and Ono in Hiroshima to Miyajima


Jinsekikogen Tiergarten


It is an experience-based theme park located on a plateau at an altitude of 700m on the border between Hiroshima and Okayama prefectures, where you can experience various experiences such as pizza making and drone piloting.

* Drone experience & game hamburger lunch plan at the spacious lawn square of the plateau ♪
Limited discount for 5 prefectures in the Chugoku region+Ehime prefecture

Cruising around the Kure Ships


You can see submarines and escort ships of the Maritime Self-Defense Force up close, and it is a powerful score.
We especially recommend the “Yugo Cruise,” which sails 15 minutes before sunset time.

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