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Hiroshima Omotenashi Pass

It is a discount ticket that allows you to receive discounts and other services at tourist facilities and restaurants such as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Hiroshima Castle. It comes free of charge when you purchase a one-day pass for the “streetcar” or the “Hiroshima City Circulation Bus (Meipuru-Pu)” or the “Hiroshima City Share Cycle (Peacecle)” one-day pass at some accommodations/inns in the city It will be
When you stay at a hotel or ryokan in Hiroshima, please use the Hiroshima Omotenashi Pass (HOP).
■ How to buy
Please purchase it at the counter of the hotel or ryokan that handles it. (You may need to make a reservation in advance. (Please contact the hotel or ryokan for details.)
■ Price
One-day train ticket (tram (all lines)) /Adults: 700 yen, children: 350 yen
One-day boarding ticket (tram (all lines) +Miyajima Matsudai Kisen) ・Adults: 1,000 yen, Children: 550 yen
Information on trams <External link>
Hiroshima City Loop Bus (Meipuru-Pu) One-day Pass
・Adults: 400 yen, children: 200 yen
Guidance of Meipuru-Pu <External Link>
Sharing Cycle (Peacecle) One-Day Pass
・1,527 yen (after 2PM: 815 yen)
Guidance of Peacecle

Please present the “Hiroshima Omotenashi Pass” at a facility or shop that has the “Hiroshima Omotenashi Pass HOP Mark”.
*Benefits may have changed, so please check with each facility before use.


Facilities offering benefits (Hiroshima-city)

Facilities offering benefits (Hatsukaichi-city)

Hotels and inns handling the Hiroshima Omotenashi Pass (Hiroshima City)

■ List of hotels and inns ( (List table PDF)

■ Contact
Hiroshima City Economic and Tourism Bureau Tourism Policy Department Omotenashi Promotion Officer
Telephone: 082-504-2676 Fax: 082-504-2253
Email: kanko-omo@city.hiroshima.lg.jp

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