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We hope you will experience the "now" of Hiroshima and its diverse attractions.

Dive! Hiroshima Official Guide

Dive! Hiroshima Official Guide

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Four Seasons in Hiroshima

In spring, visitors to Hiroshima can enjoy the blooming of seasonal flowers as temperatures change. The weather is also warm, with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 20°C from early March to April and 25°C in early May, making it a comfortable time to spend outdoors.


In spring, there are many events to enjoy seasonal flowers such as the Flower Festival, the largest such festival in Hiroshima, the Cherry Blossom Festival, and the Rose Festival. There are also festivals that remind us of Japanese culture, such as the Kiyomori Festival in Miyajima and the Hina Festival in Fuchu, Mihara, and Takehara. Please come and enjoy the atmosphere of spring under the flowers in full bloom.



Spring is the season for new sake, which signals the start of the sake season, and you can taste new sake in various areas of Hiroshima. Sake is brewed from new rice harvested in the fall over a period of about one year, and sake made from winter to spring is called "shinzake. Especially in the Saijo area, where sake breweries are concentrated, visitors can enjoy sake brewery tours and sake tasting at each brewery to their heart's content.



We recommend the Sera Kogen Farm, where you can appreciate colorful flowers on its vast grounds, and Shukkeien, a historic daimyo's garden where you can enjoy 17 kinds of seasonal flowers from March to May, and other spots where you can enjoy flowers and scenery by season. We hope you check the blooming schedule of the flowers you are interested in and visit these places.



After April, the weather becomes warmer and sunny, especially along the coast, so outdoor activities such as cycling and SUP surfing are recommended. February through March is also the opening season for professional sports such as baseball and soccer. Come and cheer on some local teams, such as the Hiroshima Carp or Sanfrecce Hiroshima.



From February to early March, plum blossoms, from late March to early April, cherry blossoms, and in May, roses and other various flowers color many parts of Hiroshima.
Especially during the cherry blossom season, you can enjoy the illumination of the cherry blossoms at night in various areas, and in the northern area of the prefecture, single cherry trees such as weeping cherry trees over several hundred years old come into bloom, and their majestic appearance is worth seeing.