What is HIT?

HIT is an abbreviation for Hiroshima Tourism Association.
Everyone at HIT is working hard to boost tourism in Hiroshima Prefecture,
but we need more strength to bring even more visitors to Hiroshima.
So, we're asking for your help!!
Would you like to become a "HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassador?"
Please join HIT fellows and share the things you love about Hiroshima
with many people!

What is the HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassador program?

We are looking for people who love Hiroshima
and are willing to share its charms with others!

Share what you love about Hiroshima, such as food,
places, people and experiences.

Find more
and more charms
of Hiroshima
▶︎ Please search for undiscovered charms of Hiroshima that could attract tourists
Share the charms of Hiroshima with others
▶︎ Please share the charms of Hiroshima via SNS or by word of mouth
Help grow the HIT Hiroshima Ambassador program
▶︎ Please invite people around you to become an ambassador

If you could do any one of these,
you’d be a wonderful "HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassador!"

Application Guidelines

Anyone who is willing to share the charms of Hiroshima is
welcome to apply, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or place of birth!
Tell us about the charms of Hiroshima that you find most appealing.
There is no term of service.
You can apply at any time, and quit at any time.
- Share the charms of Hiroshima with others
(in any way you can, such as via SNS, as a tour guide, or by word of mouth)
 *Please use the hashtag "#HITHiroshimaTourism
- Participate in familiarization (FAM) tours (optional)

Click here to see the activities of the fellow ambassadors (Japanese)
Upon request, successful applicants will be sent a letter of appointment
and their own original business cards! *Shipping costs will be paid by the ambassador. We opened an official LINE account, where ambassadors
can learn about digital business cards, monitoring tours,
and other exciting information!
We plan to recognize the efforts of HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassadors at the end of each fiscal year.

 *Any personal information that is acquired will be used only to the extent necessary
for the implementation of the HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassador program.


Please use the following
application form.


Can men apply?
Yes, men can apply to be an ambassador. *Ambassadors do not wear uniforms or promote tourism at events.
Can I apply even if I don't use SNS
and/or don't have a smartphone?
Yes, you can still apply to be an ambassador.
People who can directly share photos with others while telling them about Hiroshima, and who can make more fellows to act as HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassadors are welcome to apply.
Are there any restrictions on the frequency or content of
the information that is shared?
No, there are no restrictions on the frequency of content of the information that is shared.
However, the information you share must not be slanderous or go against public order and morals.
What is the application deadline?
There is no application deadline.
Applications are accepted at any time.
Are there any activity costs?
Do ambassadors receive remuneration?
There are no activity costs. Ambassadors do not receive remuneration.
Are there meetings or other gatherings?
Meetings are not held on a regular basis.
However, we are planning to hold social events, which ambassadors are invited to participate in as they wish.
Is there a limit to how many people can apply.
No, there is no limit on the number of applications accepted.
We look forward to receiving many applications.


Here are some examples of other things you might be asked to do!
  • Appear in tourism videos
  • Appear on television
  • Provide photos
  • Retweet/share information
    posted on official SNS accounts

Other initiatives for boosting tourism in Hiroshima Prefecture

Content that is shared by HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassadors must not be slanderous or go against public order and morals.
Hiroshima Tourism Association shall not be responsible for any damage that occurs as the result of content that is shared by an HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassador.
Any ambassador who posts content that is slanderous or goes against public order and morals shall be subject to having their appointment revoked.