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Memorize the excitement of autumn leaves

The autumn leaves of the mountains that change color mainly in the Chugoku Mountains from mid-October. The autumn leaves that color the mountain on the campus are like paintings. It goes from Shobara City and Miyoshi City to Akiota Town and Kitahiroshima Town. In November, the waves of autumn leaves slowly descend south. The whole of Hiroshima prefecture starts to turn color. In mid-November, various districts will be in full bloom. Around that time, Mihara City “Butsutsuji”, Setoda “Kosanji”, and Sera-cho “Koyasan”, which are known for their autumn leaves, are in full bloom. Miyajima always ranks high in the popularity ranking of autumn leaves in Hiroshima prefecture. This year, there is not only Momijidani, but I would like you to visit Daishoin Temple and Omoto Park to see it. Each one shows a different scene of fall foliage. Why don't you go around Hiroshima prefecture in search of autumn leaves, not just Miyajima's “Momijidani”? This time, we will introduce some of the famous spots for autumn leaves. There are still many famous spots for fall foliage in Hiroshima prefecture. Let's go out to see the fall foliage that can only be seen there!

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Let's enjoy the colorful autumn wilderness to the fullest!

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