The stimulating spiciness of “soup tantanmen” and “Hiroshima tsukemen,” which are famous as local noodles in Hiroshima prefecture, are addicted. There is a lot of information you need to know about popular ingredients, special ways to eat, and information on famous restaurants! In addition, we will introduce unique local noodles such as “Onomichi ramen” which is famous nationwide, “Hiroshima ramen” loved by locals, “Kure Reimen”, “Tsukemono Yakisoba”, and “Yasha Udon”.

Dandan noodles without soup

The spicy flavors of sansho and hanasho become addictive “soup free dandan noodles”
You should mix the noodles and soup well before eating!
I'm also glad that you can add toppings such as hot spring eggs to your liking

Stir well and then let's eat!

“Juice-less dandan noodles” is addictive to stimulating spiciness. Anyway, mix it well, mix it up, and then eat it! When you finish eating the noodles, add rice to the remaining sauce and you can enjoy it twice.

Hiroshima tsukemen

“Hiroshima tsukemen” that goes well with elastic noodles and spicy dipping sauce
Arrange the spiciness of the sauce to your liking
Healthy with plenty of vegetables such as boiled cabbage

Arrange it to your favorite spiciness!

“Hiroshima tsukemen” is characterized by spicy sauce and cold noodles. The sauce with plenty of sesame seeds and chili oil has a “delicious spicy” taste. You can adjust the spiciness to your liking.

There's more! Local noodles

Onomichi ramen
Hiroshima ramen
Kure cold noodles
Soy udon
Tsukemono yakisoba
Yasha udon
Toyohira soba

There are plenty of unique local noodles!

Characteristics of each area are raw, such as “Onomichi ramen” known nationwide, “Kure cold noodles” loved by locals, “Tsukemono yakisoba” born from home cooking in Aki Ota, and “Yasha udon” with a motif of traditional performing arts Also pay attention to the unique local noodles that have been crumpled.

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