Speaking of Hiroshima’s favorite sauce, otafuku sauce is famous, but there are actually various other types such as “carp sauce” and “mitsuwa sauce”. If you compare eating, it’s natural, but the taste is completely different. In October 2018, Otafuku Sauce will open an okonomiyaki experience studio inside JR Hiroshima Station” I opened “Okosta” and now okonomiyaki It’s hot!
That’s why we would like to introduce this “favorite sauce” that is perfect for Hiroshima souvenirs at once. Which sauce do you “like”?
(Note: If you add variations, there are still more types that can’t be introduced, so please understand that point…)

First of all, the royal road “Otafuku sauce” on the royal road

Otafuku sauce
It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is currently the most famous favorite sauce in Hiroshima. The lineup is also quite large, and it has now become a popular source in the entire country.
The classic sauce is still “your favorite sauce”. Many families use “yakisoba sauce” or blended with Worcestershire sauce. It is characterized by using “dates (date palm fruit)” that gives it a unique sweetness. Since there are many different types, it seems interesting to compare the taste of otafuku sauce. Surprisingly, it is a latecomer as a favorite sauce.

Speaking of “Okonomimura”, this is it! “Mitsuwa sauce”

Mitsuwa sauce
“Mitsuwa sauce” is famous for being used in Okonomimura. It is a special favorite sauce developed after listening to various requests from okonomiyaki specialty shops. There are many voices from customers, such as “the sweetness of vegetables is firm” and “it is rich and delicious.” Originally it was a separate company from “Higashimaru Sauce”, but now it is integrated as “Sun Foods”, and the taste is exactly the same for both. It was certified as “The Hiroshima Brand” by Hiroshima City.

“Champion” Hiroshima Carp this year too! “Carp sauce” with the same name

Carp sauce
“Carp sauce” is a favorite sauce manufactured by Mori Brewery Co., Ltd., headquartered in Mihara-cho, Miyoshi-shi. It is a long-established store founded in Meiji 2, and is a pioneering manufacturer in the prefecture that has been involved since the early Showa period. It started from the sake brewing industry, went through the vinegar industry, and now sauce is the main product. In the past, it was sold under the name of “Sakuraya Sauce”, but after acquiring the registered trademark of “Carp” in 1956, it was renamed to “Carp Sauce”. The taste is rather dry.

“Hiroshima Jyaken” is a limited production, made from Hiroshima, and made of specially selected materials

Hiroshima Jyaken
The highest rank for your favorite sauce! A special favorite sauce that is advertised by itself. It is made by Sennari Co., Ltd. It is a favorite sauce made with organic pure rice vinegar “rice vinegar” based on fresh onions, tomatoes, and apples ordered from contract farmers in Hiroshima prefecture. No chemical seasonings, synthetic preservatives, colorings or flavorings are used. Certified by “The Hiroshima Brand”

An illustration of a tengu is a landmark! “Tengu sauce”

Tengu sauce
“Tengu sauce” is produced by “Nakama Brewing” in Mihara City. The characteristic is that it has a darker color, and the sweetness of vegetables and fruits is heard. It is said that the taste is familiar to the citizens of Mihara. The taste of Worcestershire sauce with a spicy scent is reputed to be addictive. If you taste “Tengu Sauce,” which has a strong local fan, you are a maniac favorite sauce connoisseur!

“Hiroshima Sodachi” born in Hiroshima and raised in Hiroshima

Hiroshima sodachi
“Hiroshima Sodachi,” which was born in Hiroshima, the home of okonomiyaki, is a special favorite sauce made by Marushima Co., Ltd. melting whole vegetables and fruits using a special manufacturing method. It is a healthy sauce with good taste and aroma, where the natural flavor is still alive. Genetically modified ingredients are not used in the raw materials “vegetables and fruits”, and preservatives, colorings, flavors, acidulants, etc. are not used at all. Recommended for people who are sensitive to health!

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