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  • Sera wine
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“Miyoshi City” and “Sera-cho” are areas where winemaking thrives, taking advantage of the unique climate and topography.

Winemaking is taken seriously here, by locally growing grapes. The rare and valuable “Fuki wine” made in Miyoshi is very popular with wine lovers. Please try it once.

Suitable climate for winemaking

Vineyards in Sera-cho
Vineyards in Miyoshi

Land where fruit cultivation is thriving

In Miyoshi City and Sera-cho, where fruit cultivation is popular, winemaking is carried out using locally grown grapes. Along with the unique climate and environment blessed with water, we provide high-quality wines through the efforts of brewers. Our carefully crafted wines have won numerous awards at domestic wine competitions.

“TOMOE wine” made with abundant water

A fine wine that carefully brews fresh grapes in barrels

The grapes have been carefully harvested by hand

Miyoshi, where three rivers meet, is a city of water. The activities of nature are repeated, in which the water of the river flowing through the city becomes foggy and eventually rains. “TOMOE WINES” are made from fresh grapes grown in these unique climatic conditions. The carefully grown grapes are picked by hand while sorting one by one. The efforts of these creators produce wines that have a great taste.

“Fuki wine” created by the city of fog

Fuki wine
The landscape of Miyoshi where the “sea of fog” spreads

Brewing only carefully selected grapes

Miyoshi, known as the “Sea of Misty,” is a famous place for producing grapes, but it is also a valuable area where grapes with very high sugar content such as raisins and “Fuki grapes” are harvested.
“Fuki wine” is brewed only when Fuki grapes are harvested. It is a highly rare wine with a profound sweetness and flavor like honey, and a unique and complex aroma called fuki.

Enjoy meals made with local ingredients at the winery

Hiroshima Miyoshi Winery
State of the wine festival

Holding wine festivals in spring and autumn

At “Hiroshima Miyoshi Winery,” there is a restaurant where you can enjoy wine with local ingredients, as well as tasting a variety of red and white wines. It is a facility where you can enjoy the taste of Hiroshima by sticking to locally produced vegetables and rice, including Hiroshima Wagyu beef. Wine festivals are held in spring and autumn.

Access information for visiting Miyoshi


Introducing how to get to Miyoshi from Hiroshima

<In the case of using JR>
From “Hiroshima Station” to “Miyoshi Station” on the JR Geibi Line, about 1 hour 25 minutes for rapid use, about 1 hour 50 minutes for normal use
<In the case of using a route bus>
About 1 hour 20 minutes from “Hiroshima Bus Center” to “Miyoshi Bus Center”
<When using a private car>
Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes from Hiroshima city via Hiroshima Expressway or Chugoku Expressway About 1 hour 45 minutes via National Route 54

“Sera wine” take a high responsability in locally growing grapes

Grapes grown on farms in Sera-cho
A farm that grows grapes for local wine

Farmer and winery work together to produce original wine

In Sera-cho, winemaking is carried out using grapes grown under contract with corporations and private farmers in the town. First of all, “Sera Winery” started by searching for grape varieties that fit the land. Farmers and wineries collaborate on research and development, and now produce locally produced original wines by cultivating wine varieties such as Chardonnay and Merlot from Honey Venus and Muscat Bailey A.

You can taste the original aroma and flavor of grapes!

Sera wine
Honey Venus

A wine that tastes good and is easy to drink

The famous grape “Honey Venus” in Sera-cho is characterized by a fruity and gentle mouthfeel, with few crusts and peculiarities. There is a wide selection of wines with little acidity and astringency and good taste. There are many wines that are easy to drink, and are widely preferred by beginners and wine connoisseurs.

A tour of the brewing process where you can learn about winemaking!

Sera Winery
Winery shop
Process tour walkway inside the winery
You can observe the bottling process

There is a winery shop where you can enjoy shopping

At Sera Winery, wine is prepared every year from September to early November. You can observe fermentation tanks containing fruit juice actually squeezed fruit and bottling operations in the tour walkway inside the factory. There is also a winery shop that sells original goods. Guests can try wine and have diner at the restaurant, which serves creative dishes made with local ingredients.

Access information for visiting Sera-cho


How to get to Sera-cho from Hiroshima

<In the case of using a route bus>
Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes from “Hiroshima Bus Center” to “Kozan Sales Office” by high-speed shared bus “Peace Liner”
<When using a private car>
Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes from Hiroshima city via Sanyo Expressway or National Route 25

Local gourmet food that goes well with wine

“Oysters” from the Seto Inland Sea
Cheese from “Mirasaka Fromage”

Taste “oysters” and “cheese” with wine!

The local food you want to eat with Hiroshima wine is “oysters” from the Seto Inland Sea. It goes well with creative dishes such as French as well as fresh oysters.
We also recommend Italian dishes made with freshly caught seafood. “Mirasaka Fromage” makes cheese in a style that naturally grazes in the mountains of the northern part of the prefecture.
Enjoy the combination of exquisite cheeses and wines, such as “ricotta” that melts in your mouth and fresh “mozzarella”. Please enjoy a rich time to enjoy local gourmet food with fine wines.

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