Kure's crepe

“Chirimen” (whitebait) made in the Ondo district of Kurahashijima in Kure City boasts a flavorful taste with the scent of the tide of the Seto Inland Sea. It is known as a specialty of Hiroshima prefecture and is popular as a souvenir.

Kure's whitebait

“Kure no chirimen”, a specialty of the prefecture

“Kure no chirimen”, a specialty of the prefecture

“Chirimen” generally refers to “whitebait” and is known as a small anchovies. “Kure no chirimen” caught in the waters near Kurahashijima Ondo district, located south of Kure City, is famous nationwide and is counted as one of the specialties of Hiroshima prefecture.

What is the difference between “chirimen” and “shirasu”?

Dried anchovy fry after boiling

“Chirimen” that have been dried well

Both “chirimen” and “shirasu” are fried anchovies that are boiled in salt water for 2-3 minutes and then dried. “Chirimen” are those that have been dried well and are often used in the Kansai region. “shirasu” is dried fresh and is often used in the Kanto region. It is said that “chirimen” with a high degree of dryness has a better shelf life.

Delicious ways to eat “Kure no chirimen”

Chirimen gohan

Let's put it on freshly cooked rice and eat it!

“Kure no chirimen” is characterized by a natural flavor rich in flavor with the scent of the tide. It contains a lot of calcium and vitamins. Sprinkle a little soy sauce on grated daikon with chirimen, put it on top of freshly cooked rice, and eat it very tasty! We also recommend eating pasta ingredients or sprinkling them on top of salads.

If you want to taste the “Kure no chirimen” gourmet food here!

Chirimen bowl
Ondo chirimen and cabbage peperoncino
Chirimen soft

“Chirimen Shokudo” in the Daini Ondo Ohashi SA

“Chirimen Shokudo” is located in the service area of the second Ondo Bridge “Himaneki Terrace”. There, you can enjoy delicious gourmet foods using Kure chirimen such as “chirimen don” and “chirimen pasta.” The ramune flavored “chirimen soft” is also a popular item that I would like to try. Stop by “Chirimen Shokudo” where you can enjoy a meal while gazing at the beautiful scenery of the Seto Inland Sea.

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