A wide selection of citrus sweets. There are also popular products featured in national newspapers!

  • “Setoda Lemon Cake” by Shimagokoro
  • JA Hiroshima Fruit Association's “Lemon Cider”
  • JA Mihara's “Powdered Drink Hometown Lemon”
  • Yamato Foods “Lemosco & Remosco RED”
  • Maruka Foods's “Squid Tenzetouchi Remon Flavor”
  • “Setoda Lemon Cake” by Shimagokoro
  • JA Hiroshima Fruit Association's “Lemon Cider”
  • JA Mihara's “Powdered Drink Hometown Lemon”
  • Yamato Foods “Lemosco & Remosco RED”
  • Maruka Foods's “Squid Tenzetouchi Remon Flavor”

Hiroshima, blessed with the warm climate of Setouchi, produces the largest lemons in Japan. Many products using “Setouchi Hiroshima Lemon” such as drinking water, snacks, and seasonings are sold, mainly refreshing citrus sweets.

Setoda lemon cake

“Setoda Lemon Cake” from Setoda-cho's famous confectionery Shimagokoro
It contains whole lemon peel and has an excellent flavor
Elegant packaging is perfect for souvenirs

A gem by a pastry chef who knows perfectly Setouchi Hiroshima lemons

“Shimagokoro” is a famous confectionery lemon cake from Setoda-cho, the largest producer of lemons in Japan. Jam carefully made from lemon peel is generously kneaded, so when you eat one bite, the exquisite aroma spreads throughout your mouth. It is a dish that everyone from children to the elderly will be delighted with. In addition, lemon-based cakes are made at various confectionery stores in Hiroshima prefecture.

Lemon cider from JA Hiroshima Fruit Association

Refreshing and refreshing, “lemon cider” by JA Hiroshima Fruit Association

The juice of one whole Hiroshima lemon!

“Hiroshima Lemon Cider” by JA Hiroshima Fruit Association is packed with plenty of refreshing aroma and mellow acidity peculiar to Hiroshima lemons. It is a slightly adult juice with a refreshing sweetness. It's delicious even if you mix it with alcohol, so be sure to give it a try.

Powdered drink hometown lemon

JA Mihara's “Powdered Drink Furusato Lemon” that can be easily drunk just by dissolving it in water

You can enjoy it both hot and ice

A powdered juice with plenty of vitamin C that uses whole Hiroshima lemon to the skin. It seems that there are about 28 lemons of vitamin C in one cup! It is an old-fashioned long-selling product that you can easily enjoy the original taste of lemon just by dissolving it in water.


Yamato Foods's “Remosco”, a new type of seasoning
It goes well with any dish
There is also a small bag, so it's convenient!
Perfect for Hiroshima oysters
Also contains HOT habanero

Seasonings that are useful for accenting dishes

“Lemosco” is a new type of seasoning that combines lemon juice with vinegar, green pepper, and salt. It goes well with a variety of dishes, so it has a reputation that once you start using it, it becomes indispensable in the kitchen. It is also a nice point that it does not use preservatives, coloring agents, or chemical seasonings at all, and can be used with confidence.

Squid amasetouchi lemon flavor

“Squid Tenzetouchi Lemon Flavor,” a food product that has become a hot topic nationwide

There is no doubt that you will be addicted to it! Bite-sized snacks

This is a squid heaven snack that has a crispy texture and the sourness of lemon. It became popular nationwide, and it came to be designated as a Hiroshima souvenir.


[Featured column]
Local cosmetics “Le Moist” using Hiroshima lemons
~ A little fashionable souvenir for women ~

Les Moist is a coined word that combines lemon flower and moisture (moisturizing). A lotion that is gentle to both the skin and nature, using lemon flowers that exude a sweet scent that can only be obtained during the spring lemon bloom season.

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