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Q: Tell me the access to the Peace Memorial Park.

Hiroshima Station and the Peace Memorial Park are about 2 kilometers in a straight line.
Streetcar (Hiroshima Electric Railway) or the city loop bus “Meiproup” is convenient.
Get off at “Hondori” or “Fukuromachi” streetcar, and get off at “Peace Memorial Park” for Meiproup.
There is no private parking lot.

Here's how to get to the Peace Memorial Park (Peace Memorial Museum) from the major transportation hubs in Hiroshima.

●From JR Hiroshima Station

Hiroshima Electric Railway (streetcar)
Take Line 1 bound for “Hiroshima Port”, get off at “Hondori” or “Fukuromachi”, walk west for about 400 meters
Take Hiroshima Bus No. 25 (Kusatsu Line) and get off at “Peace Memorial Park” stop.
City Circulation Bus “Hiroshima Meipuru-Pass”
Get off at “Peace Park Mae” on the Orange Route. (It takes about 16 minutes)
Transfer from JR Hiroshima Station to JR Shin-Hakushima Station
Shin-Hakushima Station on the Astram Line → Get off at Hondori Station on the Astram Line, walk for 5 minutes (about 15 minutes)

●From Hiroshima Bus Center

On foot: Approximately 300 meters west on Aioi Street from the Genbaku Dome side exit
Public transportation: Hiroshima Electric Railway (streetcar) Route 2 bound for “Hiroden Miyajimaguchi” or “Hiroden Nishi-Hiroshima”
Or get on Line 6 bound for “Gangba” and get off at “Genbaku Dome-mae” stop (boarding section 1 station, required time about 2 minutes)

●From Hiroshima Port

Hiroshima Electric Railway (streetcar) Route 1 bound for “Hiroshima Station”, get off at “Hondori” (takes about 30 minutes), walk west for about 400 meters

●From Hiroshima Interchange (in case of private car)

Go south on National Route 54 towards Hiroshima City, turn left at the intersection with Jonan-dori, and turn right at the next traffic light.
Turn right at the Kamiyacho intersection and go west for about 400 meters.
(There is no parking lot for private cars in the Peace Memorial Park, so please use a parking lot nearby.)

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