Q: Please tell me about river pleasure boats and boats.



Q: Please tell me about river pleasure boats and boats.

Hiroshima River Cruise “River Cruise”, “Aqua”, “Run Run”

This is a cruising tour that departs from Motoyasu Bridge Tamoto on the south side of the Atomic Bomb Dome and enjoy river sightseeing such as the Ota River that flows through Hiroshima City. You can choose a course according to your convenience and time, from 25 to 60 minutes. (Capacity 6 to 15 people) →For details Reversea Inc. Cruise

World Heritage Route “Reira,” “Shiera,” “Sutera,” “Urara,” “Kagura,” “Kirara,” “RUNRUN II”

It is a cruise ship that connects two World Heritage Sites, “Atomic Bomb Dome” and “Miyajima”. From a boat running from river to sea, you can enjoy sightseeing as well as changing landscapes. About 45 minutes one way (Capacity 35-65 people) →For more information AQUANET HIROSHIMA

Cruising Ship “Galaxy”

The islands of Seto that change from season to season, the Seto Inland Sea that shows a different expression every day, and cruising while tasting the taste of the season. You can enjoy a lunch cruise or a dinner cruise. →For more information, Hiroshima Bay Cruise Galaxy

Gangi Taxi

A water taxi that is rare even in the whole country that makes use of the old water transport facility “Gangi”. The colorful hull is a landmark. →For details, NPO Gangi-gumi

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