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Q: Please tell me about the “Hiroshima Metropolitan Area”.

The Hiroshima Metropolitan Area consists of 24 municipalities ranging from the Mihara area in the east to the Yanai area in Yamaguchi prefecture in the west, and is within an hour's drive, approximately 60 km from the city center of Hiroshima, and it is deeply connected in terms of economy and living The “2 Million People Hiroshima Metropolitan Area Plan,” which aims to revitalize the entire area economy and the population in the area to exceed 2 million people by developing various measures to utilize regional resources in the entire area in cooperation with the municipalities within the area We are proceeding to realize it.

The cities and towns that make up the area

【Hiroshima prefecture】
Hiroshima City, Kure City, Takehara City, Mihara City, Otake City, Higashihiroshima City, Hatsukaichi City, Akitakata City, Etajima City, Fuchu Town, Kaita Town, Kumano Town, Saka Town, Akiota Town, Kitahiroshima Town, Osakikamijima Town, Sera-cho
【Yamaguchi prefecture】
Iwakuni City, Yanai City, Suo-Oshima Town, Waki Town, Kaminoseki Town, Tabuse Town, Hirao Town
〈11 cities and 13 towns in total〉

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