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Q: Tell me where I can buy souvenirs.

Here are some of the main places where you can buy souvenirs in the center of Hiroshima.
1. Nagasaki-ya
It is located right next to the Hiroshima Electric Railway “Hondori” stop. It is located in the main street shopping street, and sells specialties, fruits, and local sake from the Sanin and Setouchi regions, mainly in Hiroshima prefecture.
2. Hiroshima Yume Plaza
It is located in the main street shopping street, so it is safe even on rainy days. We handle specialty products, mainly foods from various parts of Hiroshima prefecture. Events to introduce local specialties will be held every two weeks.
3. Hiroshima Bus Center
Kamiyacho Motenashi Plaza “Basmachi Food Hall” is located at the departure terminal of Hiroshima Bus Center 3F (Sogo 3F). In addition to Japanese and Western sweets, there are also select shops for gifts, foods, miscellaneous goods from Hiroshima and Chugoku and Shikoku, as well as cafes and meals while waiting for the bus.
4. Ekie (Ekie)
It is a commercial facility located at JR Hiroshima Station, where you can enjoy Hiroshima gourmet food such as okonomiyaki and oyster dishes, as well as various stores such as miscellaneous goods, fashion, and cosmetics, including souvenir zones with the largest selection of products in Chugoku and Shikoku. It's in.
5. Orizuru Tower
Opened in September 2016 on the east side of the World Heritage Site Atomic Bomb Dome. This is a new complex facility where you can experience the “richness of Hiroshima”, and in the product hall “People and Trees” on the first floor, there are about 1,000 items such as Hiroshima specialties, and “Handshake” that offers original menus that are particular about the ingredients of Hiroshima and Setouchi. There is also a “cafe”.
6. Hiroshima Airport
Souvenirs and special products from all over the prefecture are available in the airport terminal building 2F departure lobby.
Other than this, you can also buy Hiroshima specialty products at department stores.

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