A volunteer guide


A volunteer guide

We, who love Hiroshima, will help you create memories of your trip. Please give me a voice!


Hiura Mountain Climbing Guide (Kaita Town)

Mt. Hiura is loved by many people as a symbol of Kaita Town. The altitude is about 346M and is relatively easy to climb, so even beginners and small children can easily enjoy mountain climbing.


Saigoku Kaido/Kaita City Guided Tour (Kaita Town)

The former Sanyo Road (Saigoku Kaido) played an important role as the main road connecting Osaka and Shimonoseki. The people of the “Saigoku Kaido/Kaita City Guide Association” will guide you through this street where former Chiba family houses and Miyake residences are lined up and leave remnants of the Edo period.


Futaba no Sato Historical Walkway Volunteer Guide Association

There are still many cultural heritage sites in Higashi Ward of Hiroshima, including the Fudoin Kondo, which is the only national treasure in this city.
Among them, the “Futaba no Sato Historical Walk” is a course that connects historic shrines, temples, and historic sites scattered between Ushita Shinmachi and Yaga Station.


Hiroshima City Tourism Volunteer Guide Association

Our Hiroshima City Sightseeing Volunteer Guides will guide you around the city of Hiroshima!
We, who love Hiroshima, will help you create memories of your trip. Please give me a voice!


Tourism Assistant Hiroshima

Tourism Assistant Hiroshima is a volunteer organization run voluntarily by people who sincerely love Hiroshima City.
Please leave a tour of the A-bombed buildings and other tourist information such as Peace Park, Hiroshima Castle, Shukkeien, etc.


Hiroshima Peace Volunteers

Hiroshima Peace Volunteers walk together in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum or the Peace Memorial Park to explain the movement. Fixed-point explanations are also provided in the museum.

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