Those who scrutinize

The soul of “One Hundred Test Sen Kai” does not die. It is the birth of a sake movie that is given to everyone involved in manufacturing. A preceding road show will be decided in Hiroshima prefecture from Friday, November 5, 2021!


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A film adaptation of the short story “Drive My Car” released in 2013 by Haruki Murakami, a writer with enthusiastic fans around the world. This is a road movie set in Hiroshima.

Blood of a Lone Wolf LEVEL 2

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“Blood of a Lone Wolf LEVEL 2", a sequel to “Blood of a Lone Wolf,” which depicts police versus gangsters set in Hiroshima, was released on 2021/8/20. The fictional city of Kurehara, which is the stage, was created on location in Hiroshima.

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