The first national park in the Chugoku region

It is the 11th national park in Japan and the first national park in the Chugoku region. In the park, there are information, shops, cafeterias, etc. in the "Naka ​​no Hiroba", a mansion, a thatched-roof farm, a Kagura-den, a workshop, a field, and other "Hiba no Sato" that reproduces the scenery of the Chugoku Mountains. "Hana no Hiroba" where flowers bloom and compete, "Forest Athletic Course", "Cycling Course", "Disc Golf Course", "Gathering Village" where you can enjoy ground golf and cherry blossoms, "Large Lawn Square" where you can play to your heart's content, as it is There is "Ikoi no Mori" where nature remains.


business hours
March 1st to June 30th / 09: 30 ~ 17: 00 July 1st to August 31st / 09: 30 ~ 18: 00 September 1st to October 31st / 09: 30 ~ 17: 00 November 1st to February 28th or February 29th / 09: 30 ~ 16: 30 * Admission is up to 1 hour before closing
Monday * Tuesday, December 31st and January 1st if it is a national holiday * Open daily during the Bihoku Flower Picnic, Bihoku Summer Festival, Bihoku Cosmos Picnic, and Bihoku Illumination
General adult / 450 yen, general 65 years old or older / 210 yen, group adult / 290 yen, group 65 years old or older / 210 yen, annual passport adult / 4,500 yen, annual passport 65 years old or older / 2,100 yen, junior high school student or younger / Those who have received a free passport for the physically handicapped, a nursing handbook, and a health and welfare handbook for the mentally handicapped are exempt from the admission fee only for the person who presented the handbook and one accompanying person.
727-00214-10 Mikkaichicho, Shobara City
Phone Number
Number of parking spaces
Parking notes
2460 units (charged. * However, if the driver or passenger has an annual passport, or if the driver or passenger has up to 10 passengers, 1 person, and if the number of passengers is 11 or more, 2 people are physical. Free for customers with disability certificate, nursing certificate, and mental disability certificate)


4-10 Mikkaichicho, Shobara City

About 5 minutes by car from the Chugoku Expressway Shobara IC to the north entrance, or about 10 minutes to the middle entrance. Or about 15 minutes from Miyoshi-higashi JCT / IC on the China Crossing Road to the central entrance

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