The predecessor of Fudoin is said to be Ankokuji, which was built by Takauji Ashikaga and Yoshinao brothers in each country in the middle of the 14th century. In the middle of the 16th century, after the fall of Takeda, the temple was temporarily tilted, but after that, after Ekei, who was the priest of Mori Terumoto, became the chief priest, the temple tower was rebuilt and the temples were flourishing. have become. In addition to the main hall, which is the only national treasure in the city, Fudoin holds many cultural properties designated by the country, prefecture, and city.


business hours
The exterior is always open to the public
732-00683-4-9 Ushida Shinmachi, Higashi Ward, Hiroshima City
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Parking Lot
30 units


3-4-9 Ushida Shinmachi, Higashi Ward, Hiroshima City

Car Approximately 10 minutes from the Sanyo Expressway Hiroshima IC 1 minute walk from the public Astramline "Fudoin-mae" or about 10 minutes by bus from JR Hiroshima Station to Tosaka, get off at "Fudoin-mae" and walk 2 minutes

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