Sacred peaks where you can see the beauty of the islands of Setouchi

It is the highest peak in Miyajima and has an altitude of 535m. Misen is also an object of worship in Miyajima, where the entire island was considered sacred, and it is said that Kobo Daishi was founded in 806. The Misen virgin forest, which is designated as a national natural monument, is part of the designated area of ​​the World Heritage site Itsukushima Shrine. The view from the top of the mountain is superb, and you can get a panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea and Mt. Shikoku. In addition, the megaliths and strange stones crowded near the mountaintop are also famous as power spots, and a mysterious sight spreads out. In 2015, "View from Misen Observatory" was awarded three stars by Michelin Green Guide Japan.


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Misen Observatory Hours 10: 00 ~ 16: 00 (Toilet can be used 24 hours a day)
739-0588Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi
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Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi

[Walk] ・ Approximately 2 hours from Miyajima Pier (Although it is a well-maintained mountain trail, it is dangerous to climb in light clothing. Please wear comfortable shoes such as mountain climbing shoes) [Walk / Ropeway] ・ Approximately 25 minutes on foot from Miyajima Pier to Momijidani Station on the ropeway (a free shuttle bus is also available from the entrance of Momijidani Park to Momijidani Station on the ropeway), approximately 15 minutes on the ropeway from Momijidani Station to Shishiiwa Station, and walk after getting off. About 30 minutes.

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