The eleven-storied stone pagoda built on the island that mourns a courageous young man is the oldest in the prefecture with a known date.

Once upon a time, a samurai named Masamichi Fujiwara of Omi visited Miyajima in Aki and returned to this island, and accidentally dropped the treasure sword of his family into the sea. Masamichi asked the local people to pick up the sword. Then, a young man jumped into the sea and lifted up with a sword, saying that he would take on the important role in order to protect the pride of his hometown. It is said that Masamichi was saddened to see this situation and built an eleven-storied stone pagoda on Bentenjima to make a memorial service.


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Tomomachi, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture

By car/About 35 minutes from Sanyo Expressway Fukuyama-Higashi IC/About 40 minutes from Fukuyama-Nishi IC Public/About 30 minutes from JR Fukuyama Station Tomotetsu Bus Stop 11 and get off at Tomonoura

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