Japan heritage. A port town full of mansions of wealthy merchants and small townhouses during the Edo period

Tomonoura has prospered as a "port waiting for the tide" from ancient times, and the port facilities from the Edo period, the emotional townscape, and the old storehouses remain as they are. In 2017, it was selected as an Important Preservation District for Traditional Buildings in the country. It is also famous as a place where many historical figures stopped by and Hayao Miyazaki stayed and devised the concept of "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea". In addition, the Hollywood movie "Wolverine: SAMURAI" and "Kiyoku Yawaku" starring Masami Nagasawa have become locations, and former AKB48's Misaki Iwasa's enka "Tomonoura Bojou" has been released. Hmm. Why don't you walk around the retro and nostalgic back alleys? You can feel as if you have traveled back in time.


720-0201Tomo, Tomo-cho, Fukuyama-shi
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Tomo, Tomo-cho, Fukuyama-shi

[Bus] ・ Approximately 30 minutes from JR Fukuyama Station to "Tomonoura" or "Tomonoura" bound for "Tomo Port"

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