The main shrine, which is said to have been built in 806, is a nationally designated important cultural property.

Ichinomiya, which is said to have been built in the first year of Datong in 806, is designated as a national historic site, and the main shrine of Kibitsu Shrine and wooden guardian dogs are designated as national important cultural properties. Every November, the Municipal Grand Festival, which is considered to be a reproduction of the city in the Middle Ages, is held, and on February 3rd, Setsubun Festival and Setsubun (Horafuki Shinto ritual) are held, and many worshipers are crowded.


business hours
All day
Open daily
729-3104400 Miyauchi, Shinichicho, Fukuyama City
Phone Number
Number of parking spaces
Parking notes
250 units (free)


400 Miyauchi, Shinichicho, Fukuyama City

About 40 minutes by car from the Sanyo Expressway Fukuyama-higashi IC, or about 5 minutes by Chugoku Bus bound for Kanamaru from Shin-ichi Station on the JR Fukuen Line, just off the Ichinomiya bus stop. Or a 20-minute walk from JR Shinichi Station

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