Sogoe Chuzaemon Shrine and Monument

According to legend, Sogoe Chuzaemon was a farmer in the Haji area, which is now the bottom of the Haji Dam, and is said to have been instrumental in building an irrigation canal in this area at the beginning of the Edo period. In the Haji area, despite the large volume of water flowing through the Haji River, the land was too high to draw water from the river. Every year, the damage caused by the drought is severe, and Chuzaemon calls on his fellow farmers to build a weir upstream and open a channel. In 1662, construction began, but due to the difficulty of digging through the bedrock, it did not proceed as expected. out to


731-0301Haji, Yachiyocho, Akitakata City, Hiroshima Prefecture


Haji, Yachiyocho, Akitakata City, Hiroshima Prefecture

30 minutes by car from JR Ibaraichi Station

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