Direct sales of seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits produced in Hoei

It is a direct sales shop for fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits produced in Hoei along National Highway 375. In addition to rice cakes made with glutinous rice from Hoei, there is a tourist apple garden nearby, and there are also processed apples. Vegetable and flower seedlings are also sold at low prices and are popular. There is also a cafeteria, which is the best spot for a detour for a drive.


business hours
Direct sales office / 07: 30 ~ 17: 00 Dining room / 09: 00 ~ 14: 00
Monday * Direct sales office is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday except holidays
739-2317841-2 Blacksmith, Toyosaka-cho, Higashi-Hiroshima
Phone Number
email address
Parking Lot
15 units


841-2 Blacksmith, Toyosaka-cho, Higashi-Hiroshima

About 40 minutes by car from Saijo IC on the Sanyo Expressway

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