Approximately 18,000 items of local toys from Japan and the world, and approximately 13,000 items of footwear from Japan and the world are stored.

It houses and exhibits many of the materials related to the production of clogs, grass, and salt that supported the industry in the Matsunaga region, including valuable materials inherited from the Japan Kimono Museum and the Japan Folk Toy Museum. We will continue to operate the facility so that it will contribute to community development that makes the best use of local resources while inheriting the history and culture of the region.


business hours
10: 00 ~ 16: 00 * Admission is until 15:30
Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday * Excluding holidays
Footwear Toy Museum Individual / 300 yen, Footwear Toy Museum Group 20 or more / 240 yen, Footwear Toy Museum High school students or younger or 65 years or older living in Fuchu City, Fukuyama City and Jinseki Kogen Town / Free, Footwear Toy Museum Facilities other than / free
729-01044-16-27 Matsunaga-cho, Fukuyama-shi
Phone Number
email address
Number of parking spaces
Parking fee
Parking notes
17 units (free)


4-16-27 Matsunaga-cho, Fukuyama-shi

5 minutes walk from JR Matsunaga Station

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