The original scenery of Japan, which is highly evaluated in the United States

Inihito's rice terraces were selected as the only "100 selections of rice terraces" by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries from Hiroshima Prefecture in July 1999. The Ini Rice Terraces Experience Meeting in spring and autumn also serves as a place to inherit traditional farming methods, such as planting old rice and drying harvested rice for the purpose of interacting with urban residents. In the WEB news special feature "Japan's 36 most beautiful places" of the American news broadcasting station "CNN", in Hiroshima prefecture, along with the world cultural heritage "Itsukushima Shrine", Akiota Town " Ini Rice Terraces ”was selected. Why don't you immerse yourself in the original scenery of Japan that has been recognized around the world?


731-3702Hitoshi Nakatsuga, Akiota Town, Yamagata District
Phone Number
Parking notes
Yes (There is space for several cars under the observatory overlooking the rice terraces.)


Hitoshi Nakatsuga, Akiota Town, Yamagata District

[Car] Exit the Togochi IC and take National Highway 186 toward Yoshiwa for 4 km. There is a signboard. * The height limit of the "Ini Tunnel" in front of the rice terraces is 3m, and cars cannot be separated. [Bus] There is no direct bus to Ini Rice Terraces, so you must take a taxi. We recommend sightseeing by car.

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