It is a front-rear burial mound with a total length of about 77 meters, which is thought to have been built around the latter half of the 4th century. The burial mounds were lined up with haniwa on top of red clay and covered with white butterbur stones. From the huge front and rear burial mounds and the size of the stone chamber, it can be seen that the person buried here would have had great authority.


729-3511Takamitsu, Jinseki Kogen Town, Jinseki District
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神石高原町教育委員会 教育課
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Takamitsu, Jinseki Kogen Town, Jinseki District

By car from Fukuyama-higashi IC Distance: Approximately 50 kilometers Travel time: Approximately 80 minutes. By car from Tojo IC Distance: Approximately 15 kilometers Time required: Approximately 15 minutes.

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