Take a leisurely walk on the water!

Since the lake surface is calm with almost no flow, you can enjoy the great outdoors while gazing at the scenery without getting too tired. The sound of the mountains gets deeper as you go to areas where tour boats cannot enter. Let's experience the extraordinary life surrounded by the voices of many birds and the sounds of nature while relaxing and relaxing.


business hours
Morning session 10: 00 / Afternoon session 13:30
4000 yen
5057-1 Nagano, Jinseki Kogen Town, Jinseki District
Phone Number
Parking Lot
Paid during the season (summer / autumn)


5057-1 Nagano, Jinseki Kogen Town, Jinseki District

About 20 minutes by car from Eastern Hokkaido IC on the China Expressway via Prefectural Road 25

Infectious disease countermeasures implemented

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