Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Survivor Medical Treatment Research Center Kurhaus Kanda Sanso

A large public bath and an open-air bath with a view of the Seto Inland Sea in the distance and the city of Hiroshima below

Located on the hill of Mt. Kanda, with a view of Hiroshima city and Miyajima in the distance, it is an accommodation bathing facility with a capacity of 300 people. You can enjoy the atmosphere of Setouchi from the large communal bath and open-air bath, and the night view from 100m above sea level at night. In addition to being able to take an exercise bath in the bathe zone where you can enter in a bathing suit, there is also a training zone that can be used to improve your health.


business hours
One-day bathing / 10: 00 ~ 20: 00 * Last reception is until 19:30. The Bade Zone and training room are available until 19:30. Accommodation check-in / 13: 00 ~ * The final check-in for those who do not eat and the return from going out are until 22:00. Accommodation check-out / ~ 10:00
The day trip facility is closed on the second Wednesday.
Hibakusha junior high school students and above / 750 yen, Hibakusha resident in the prefecture / 300 yen, Hibakusha resident outside the prefecture / 550 yen, Hibakusha A-bomb survivor Hiroshima prefecture resident / 250 yen Persons / 500 yen, elementary school students / 500 yen, infants aged 3 and over / 300 yen, junior high school students and above / 7,650 yen ~, hibakusha / 7,000 yen ~, hibakusha attendants / 7,150 yen ~, elementary school students / 6,800 yen ~ Please see the homepage for details (http://www.kandasansou.jp/price.html)
1-16-1 Ushitashinmachi, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima City
Phone Number
Fax number
Parking Lot
80 units (free)


1-16-1 Ushitashinmachi, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima City

About 12 minutes from the Sanyo Expressway Hiroshima IC. Alternatively, take the free shuttle bus from the Shinkansen exit of JR Hiroshima Station for about 20 minutes.

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