Love is a symbol and treasure of Fuchu

Koisiki, which was a Japanese-style inn with a long history of opening in 1897, is a three-story wooden building visited by Inukai Tsuyoshi, Eiji Yoshikawa, Tsuyoshi Inukai and many other writers and celebrities. Surrounding the pond and having a tea room, you can enjoy a full-fledged Japanese garden with the beauty of the four seasons. There are many sightseeing spots in the area, and you can go around like Koishiki, Japan's No. 1 stone lantern, Ishishu Kaido exit street, Fuchu miso shop, Fuchu-yaki shop, and so on.


business hours
08: 00 ~ 23: 00
Open daily
Visit / free
726-0005178 Fuchu-cho, Fuchu-shi
Phone Number
Parking Lot
20 units (free)


178 Fuchu-cho, Fuchu-shi

About 8 minutes on foot from JR Fuchu Station. Alternatively, drive from Sanyo Expressway Fukuyama-higashi IC for about 40 minutes from National Highway 182 via National Highway 486, or drive from Sanyo Expressway Fukuyama-Nishi IC for about 30 minutes via Prefectural Road 48, or Sanyo Expressway. About 40 minutes by car from Mihara-Kui IC via National Highway 486

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