Enjoy the scenery of the four seasons

Lake Shinryu is located in Taishaku Gorge, a national park in Hiroshima Prefecture. You can enjoy a 40-minute water walk on the tatami mats inside the tour boat while listening to the audio that guides you to the sights on the lake. In addition, the American-made open boat equipped with a high-power engine has a feeling of openness in terms of visibility and experience because it has no roof, and it is the best ride in the season from spring to autumn. Surrounded by the nature of the national park, you can spend an extraordinary relaxing time. You can enjoy the fresh green of spring, the cool summer, the autumn leaves, and the valley that changes with the seasons. The scenery reflected on the surface of the water is also wonderful. Please enjoy the scenery with different tastes and lids when viewed from the land.


business hours
09: 00 ~ 16: 00 * Operates every 30 minutes
Wednesday * The service may be suspended depending on the weather. Please contact us for details (0847-86-0131)
Tour boat adult / 1,500 yen, tour boat elementary school student / 750 yen, tour boat group 15 or more adults / 1,300 yen, tour boat group 15 or more elementary school student / 650 yen, tour boat less than elementary school student / free, open boat adult / 2,000 Yen, open boat elementary school students and younger / 1000 yen, discount for people with disabilities on tour boats is half price. The caregiver discount is limited to one person per person.
729-36025034-7 Nagano, Jinseki Kogen Town, Jinseki District
Phone Number
Number of parking spaces
Parking fee
Parking notes
There are 200 cars (charged) in the Misaka parking lot and 40 cars in the trail center / Sato Shoten-mae parking lot.


5034-7 Nagano, Jinseki Kogen Town, Jinseki District

About 10 minutes by car from the Eastern Hokkaido IC on the China Expressway via Prefectural Road 25. Or about 10 minutes by taxi from Bingo Tojo Station on the JR Geibi Line. About 2 hours and 50 minutes by high-speed shared bus from JR Hiroshima Station, about 10 minutes by taxi from Tojo Station

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