A-bombed piano performance and lecture with the sound of peace (Hiroshima City)

We bring the "A-bombed Piano", which was exposed to the atomic bombing in Hiroshima, to the hotels and inns where we stay, and hold lectures and concerts. Pianos were exposed to the atomic bombing in private houses and schools 1.8 to 3 kilometers from the hypocenter, and traces of pierced glass fragments remain. In the "Lecture and Concert", after a lecture by Mr. Mitsunori Yagawa, a piano tuner who is involved in the restoration of A-bombed pianos and the holding of concerts, students played and sang songs themselves. You can have a concert. We also introduce pianists. Think about the importance of peace by listening to the sound of the A-bombed piano. [Inquiries] Mitsunori Yagawa, Yagawa Piano Studio Co., Ltd. [Application] TEL/FAX 082-848-9533


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