Welcome to a hotel on an island without a bridge

When you soak in the hot springs, you can see the scenery of Seto, which is dotted with beautiful islands. From the open-air bath, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the islands of Setouchi, and the comfort of being surrounded by nature makes you forget the time. All rooms overlook the sea and you can enjoy the fresh seafood from the day at your meal. Please leave your daily life and spend a relaxing time on the island.


business hours
One-day bathing / 10: 30 ~ 14: 30
Open daily
One-day bathing / 800 yen, please see the website for accommodation plans. On the 5th, 15th, and 25th of every month, the bathing fee is 500 yen per person. (http://hotel-seifukan.co.jp/rooms/)
725-04021900 Okiura, Osakikamijima-cho, Toyota-gun
Phone Number
Parking Lot
50 units (free)


1900 Okiura, Osakikamijima-cho, Toyota-gun

About 10 minutes by bus from Takehara Station on the JR Kure Line to Takehara Port, about 30 minutes by boat from Takehara Port to Shiramizu Port or Tarumizu Port, about 20 minutes by car from Shiramizu Port or Tarumizu Port increase. Please make a reservation in advance as there is a designated time.

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