A hill that connects nature and people

Enjoy a duet of elegant scents and lovely flowers that decorate the plateau to your heart's content. We also sell on-the-spot picking and cut flowers and bulbs. We recommend the specialty menus such as flower soft, lily root cake, and lily soda! In addition, you can enjoy various light meals while being surrounded by seasonal flowers. There is an auto campsite in the scenic spot in the park. From day camps that you can easily enjoy to full-scale camps are possible.


business hours
09: 00 ~ 17: 00 Auto campsite / 15: 00 ~ 10: 00
Open daily
Admission fee: Adults / 800 yen, Admission fee: Children / 400 yen, Preschoolers / Free, Auto campsite / From 3,000 yen, Admission fee discount for people with disabilities is half price. Group discounts for groups of 15 or more are 1 discount.
722-1732413-20 Kurobuchi Gongenyama, Sera-cho, Sera-gun
Phone Number
Fax number
Parking Lot
500 units (free)


413-20 Kurobuchi Gongenyama, Sera-cho, Sera-gun

About 35 minutes by car from the Sanyo Expressway Onomichi IC. Or about 30 minutes by car from the Mihara-Kui IC on the Sanyo Expressway. Or about 35 minutes by car from the Chugoku Expressway Miyoshi IC. Or about 30 minutes by car from Onomichi Matsue Expressway Sera IC. Or about 25 minutes by car from Onomichi Matsue Expressway Kisa IC

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