Enjoy the great nature of Enokawa "Enokawa E-bike de Pottering" sightseeing

This is an E-bike/cycling/guided tour where you can fully enjoy the nature of the Chugoku region's largest first-class river "Enokawa".

Starting and ending at "Enokawa Canoe Park Sakugi", riding a state-of-the-art sports E-bike, enjoying the great nature of various Enokawa rivers along the way, famous places (Josei Falls, one of Japan's top 100 waterfalls, river station, Iga Kazushi Kagura Dance) Practice field, Renkoji cafe, Boppou-sou observation hut, etc.), and run to the old JR Sanko Line Tenku Station "Utsui Station". [Sky experience option (limited service period)] From Utsui Station, take a truck-type vehicle operated by the NPO Enokawa Railway, the first in history after the former JR Sanko Line was discontinued, from the spectacular two-tiered bridge "Daisan Egawa Bridge" Cross the sky high above Enokawa from the sky and make a round trip. On the way back, turn the opposite side of the Enokawa (Shimane Prefecture, Akitakata City side of Hiroshima Prefecture) toward the upstream of the Enokawa (the most immersive nature and scenery of the Enokawa)


5000 Yen
116 Kayodo, Sakukicho, Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture
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116 Kayodo, Sakukicho, Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture

By public transportation About 35 minutes by bus from Miyoshi Station Please take the Kawanoeki Miyoshi Line (Kimita Kotsu) bus from platform 2 of the bus rotary in front of the station. In front of Miyoshi Station - In front of Canoe Park Required time: about 35 minutes Fare: 470 yen By car 40 minutes from Miyoshi Higashi IC on the Chugoku Yamanami Highway on the Onomichi Matsue Line. Please come by Route 375 or Route 54.

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