Enrich your mind and life at camp. This is the place to find what really matters.

A campsite that spreads along Biwagaike Pond. There are also four cottages and an area where you can enjoy auto camping. We have everything from camping tools to BBQ ingredients and drinks. It is a mountain and lakeside camp facility with excellent access from Hiroshima city where you can fully enjoy solo camps, families, and large groups of friends.


business hours
Check-in 13:00-18:00 Check-out 9:00-12:00
7 days a week
<Facility usage fee> *Adults (junior high school students and older): 500 yen Children (elementary school students and younger): 300 yen Day use (9:00-16:00) Lakeside site/Mountain side site/Entrance site: 2,000 yen <Free site> Overnight use (13:00-12:00 the next day): 3,000 yen Day use (9:00-16:00): 1,500 yen < Accommodation facilities> (13:00-12:00 the next day) Cottage: 15,000 yen (Capacity 5 people: 1 car) There is a private barbecue space! Administration building private room (up to 5 people): 10,000 yen Administration building large room (up to 45 people): Please contact us For reservations for the section site >> Please see the homepage << and make a reservation by phone. Thank you.
731-030311787-1 Sasai, Yachiyo-cho
Phone Number
Parking Lot


11787-1 Sasai, Yachiyo-cho

◯From the Hiroshima Interchange Take National Route 54 toward Miyoshi for about 23km. Turn left at the Yachiyo Shisho-mae intersection and drive for about 4km to reach the parking lot. Approximately 13 km toward Haji Dam, turn right at the "Katsuta Sansoro" intersection. Approximately 2 km toward Hiroshima on National Route 54, turn right at the "Yachiyo Shisho-mae" intersection.

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