It is a tour where you can feel the charm of a new night in Kure

This is an introduction to a tour where you can enjoy the night view of Mt. Haigamine, which is very popular among the many night view spots in Kure City. Haigamine is also known as a night view spot in Kure City, and the beautiful night view overlooking the port town has been selected as one of Japan's Top 100 Night Views and Chugoku/Shikoku's Top 3 Night Views. Haigamine also has hiking trails, but at night it transforms into a glittering night view spot where you can see the port town of Kure. For those who couldn't go because of lack of transportation, how about enjoying the newly launched night view tour of Kure?


1,600 yen/person *Round-trip fare (estimate)
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As it varies depending on the meeting place, please see the website for details (

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