Don't just watch and enjoy! Participatory samurai experience for customers! They will liven up your event with their amazing performances and laughter.

As a reminder of Hiroshima, you can pretend to be a samurai and experience a period drama where you exchange swords. First, watch a period drama sword fight show, then enjoy samurai experience activities. Sword fighting (vertical sword fighting) is a fighting style that is often seen in plays and movies. Satoshi Taigi, an actor who teaches sword fighting classes, teaches acting, and performs himself, will lead a group of samurai and perform powerful historical sword fights and samurai shows. Because it is not just a viewing experience, but also a ``customer-participatory'' activity, it is attracting attention as an activity that will encourage foreign tourists to extend their stay in Hiroshima. Of course, English is also available. Become a samurai by wearing a kimono and hakama, and learn how to hold and swing a sword, and how to move around.


All year round
Travel time
1 time
Number of participants
5 or more people
30,000 yen (excluding tax) up to 5 people (plus 5,000 yen (excluding tax) for each additional person)
Meeting place
Dispatch to your desired location *Depending on your location, we may not be able to accommodate your request or a separate usage fee may be required.
Phone Number

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