Lemon cultivation in Setoda-cho, Onomichi City is said to have started in the Meiji era. It caused a lemon boom centered on the Tarumi district, and in 1963 it became the number one lemon producing area in Japan, boasting a production volume of about 900 tons. became. Due to the liberalization of imported lemons in 1964, domestic lemons were devastated and producers were forced to cut down lemons, but the post-harvest pesticides of imported lemons became a problem, and the safety of domestic lemons became a problem. It was reviewed, new lemons were planted, and it was the first to achieve a revival as a lemon-producing region. As a top brand of domestic lemons, we deliver it from Setoda nationwide with confidence and pride.


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722-2404Setodacho Tarumi, Onomichi City
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Tatara Bridge (Ikuchijima side) Bicycle pedestrian road There is a toilet and parking lot at the entrance (Large bus / ordinary car)


Setodacho Tarumi, Onomichi City

By car From Honshu-Approximately 20 minutes from the Ikuchijima Kita IC on the Nishi Seto Expressway From Shikoku-10 minutes from Ikuchijima Minami IC on the Nishi Seto Expressway Public: Setoda Port, about 30 minutes by boat from Mihara Port, which is an 8-minute walk from JR Mihara Station About 15 minutes by bus or taxi

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