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Shimokamagari Town has prospered as a key point of maritime transportation in the Seto Inland Sea since ancient times, and the Garden Island concept, an all-island gardening project that makes use of the rich nature and ancient Japanese customs, is being promoted. As part of this, "Matsuboen is a garden with a rich greenery of calm and moisture, with the steep tide of Sannose Seto as the main tree. Inside the garden is the Joseon Tongsinsa Museum and the Treat Ichibankan. In addition, there are the Ceramic Museum, Koimari Permanent Exhibition Hall, Akari no Yakata, and Shimo-kamagari Island Gobansho, which mainly introduces the history of Shimo-kamagari Island. It is attracting attention outside. Furthermore, the collection centered on Koimari is a masterpiece. In addition, the Ranshimakaku Museum, the Ranshimakaku Museum Annex, the Sannose Gohonjin Arts and Culture Museum, and the Shirayukiro where you can enjoy green tea in the tea room There are many cultural facilities such as the house of insects and insects, all within walking distance. We also sell great value set tickets for excursions.


business hours
09: 00 ~ 17: 00 * Admission is until 16:30.
Tuesday * If it is a national holiday, the next day
General / 800 yen, high school students / 480 yen, elementary and junior high school students / 320 yen, groups of 20 or more general / 640 yen, groups of 20 or more high school students / 380 yen, groups of 20 or more elementary and junior high school students / 250 yen, in Kure City Free for high school students, elementary and junior high school students, and preschoolers who live in or attend schools in Kure City. * It is advantageous to purchase a "set ticket" that includes tickets for facilities in Shimokamagari-cho. Please see the homepage for details. (Http://
737-03032277-3 Shimokamagaricho, Kure City
Phone Number
Number of parking spaces
Parking fee
Parking notes
Approximately 50 units (free)


2277-3 Shimokamagaricho, Kure City

About 30 minutes by bus from JR Hiro Station to Toyo, Toyohama, and Kami-kamagari, 2 minutes on foot from Sannose bus stop, or about 40 minutes by car from Hiroshima Kure Road Kure IC.

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