Art that can be enjoyed anywhere in the country.
But what about the extraordinary Art that can only be seen in Hiroshima prefecture?
Here are some museums that can be enjoyed by families and couples, from children to adults.

Experience a new sense of art at the finest museum entertainment place “Hiroshima Museum of Art”!


Experience a new sense of art at the finest museum entertainment place “Hiroshima Museum of Art”!


“HIROSHIMA NIGHT MUSEUM”. It is a museum chartered after closing, and curators dressed as “Monet” and “Van Gogh” provide superb art curation only to a small number of participants.

Hill of Hope (Mirai Shin no Oka)


Kosanji Museum Hill of Hope

In the all-marble-garden, a dazzling white world that you can't think of in Japan!
Like the island of Santorini in Greece.
At the gorgeous Kosanji Temple and Kosanji Museum known as “Nikko Toshogu Shrine of the West”

If you walk along the promenade behind the main hall, you will see a place looking like the Ryugu-jo Castle.
Be sure to stop by for cycling on the Shimanami Kaido!

Miyoshi Mononoke Museum


Yumoto Koichi Memorial Japan Yokai Museum (Miyoshi Mononoke Museum)

The exhibition focuses on materials related to the yokai story “Ino Mononoke Roku” set in Miyoshi.

You can find there a collection of about 5,000 specters donated by folklorist Yumoto Goichi. Also, the big digital screen created by “teamLab Yokai Amusement Park,” where you can give life to the yokai you drew is very popular along children.

Shinshoji Zen Museum and Gardens


Shinshoji Zen Museum and Gardens

You can experience Zen meditation and Sutra copying in a special space !
You can also enjoy art pavilions, teahouses, and hot springs in the vast Zen Garden.
Watch, walk, rest and meditate.

How about this Zen experience ?

Higashi hiroshima City Museum of Art


Higashi hiroshima City Museum of Art

The museum was relocated and opened in November 2019.
The exterior, lobby, entrance, stairs, everywhere is photogenic !
There is no doubt that the antique door used in the former building of the Tokyo Art Museum will look good on SNS !

Hirayama Ikuo Art Museum


Hirayama Ikuo Art Museum

It is an art museum that introduces the works of Hirayama Ikuo, a Japanese-style painter representing contemporary Japan.
Valuable materials such as childhood works, works depicting his hometown Setoda, and rough sketchs are on display!

In the coffee room, you can taste original juice made with local seasonal citrus fruits according to the season and exhibition.

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