• tramway
  • Sandankyo
  • Tomonoura
  • Rabbits in Okunoshima
  • Miyajima Omotesando Shopping Street
  • tramway
  • Sandankyo
  • Tomonoura
  • Rabbits in Okunoshima
  • Miyajima Omotesando Shopping Street

Every year, many foreign customers come to Hiroshima prefecture, but we have compiled some basic information so that customers from other countries can fully enjoy Hiroshima!
Is there a good ticket to go around the prefecture? Where can vegetarians and Muslims eat with peace of mind? Where should I ask for a guide? In order to answer such questions, this is a list of information that we would like everyone on the accepting side to utilize.


Streetcar and Atomic Bomb Dome

Surprisingly, it's not known, but there are plenty of rides in Hiroshima!

In addition to railways, you can also enjoy trams, boats, water taxis, ropeways and travel time in Hiroshima prefecture!
We will also introduce deals on tickets limited to foreign tourists!

Tourist information center

Hiroshima Castle

First, get information at the tourist information center!

The tourist information center is the most reliable place to rely on when you are in trouble. There is also an information center that can respond in English.
We welcome you with a heart of hospitality.

Luggage storage

Shimanami Cycling

Feel free to go sightseeing empty-handed!

Why don’t you leave your baggage and enjoy sightseeing spots lightly?
Some places have services that deliver directly to the hotel.


Atomic Bomb Dome and Townscape

Guest houses in Hiroshima prefecture

Accommodations are diversifying, but what is now the focus of attention is guest houses!
There are many reasonable and unique lodging!
I would like to introduce guest houses in Hiroshima prefecture.



Dietary information for vegetarians, vegans, and Muslims

Here are places where vegetarians, vegans, and Muslims can eat with confidence.
There are also shops that offer prayer spaces for Muslims!



Click here for information on how to access tourist spots popular with foreigners!

How many ways can you tell me how to get to Miyajima from Hiroshima city? You can go by train, tram, or ship. There are also a lot of boarding places for boats.
Here’s a simple way to get to tourist spots that are popular with foreigners that even locals can’t explain right away!



Is there anything else you can do besides sightseeing? Such a time is here!

In addition to the experience of tea ceremony wearing a kimono, copying a sutra, and calligraphy, there are many unusual experiences such as guided cycling around Hiroshima, sea kayaking, and stand-up paddles!
I’m sure it will be a pleasant memory in Hiroshima.


Momiji manju

Duty-free shop information

Shopping at duty-free shops is one of the pleasures of traveling.
Here are some of the major duty-free shops in the prefecture.


Atomic Bomb Dome

About nationally qualified guides and volunteer guides

A guide is indispensable in order to gain a deeper understanding of the history and culture of Hiroshima prefecture.
In addition to those who have the national qualification of “interpreter guide”, there are various people who are volunteering to get to know Hiroshima.
If you go around Hiroshima with a guide that suits your purpose, it will be a deeply memorable trip.

Other basic information


Foreign currency exchange and hospitals

Where can I exchange sickness, injuries, and foreign currency in unfamiliar places that I’m worried about when traveling?
Where is FREEWi-Fi to search?
Here is the basic information that is useful in such cases!

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