Feel free to enjoy oysters with sightseeing

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Hiroshima prefecture is an oyster shop where you can eat oysters throughout the year. Let's enjoy the atmosphere of each of them, such as oyster huts, oyster boats, and Miyajima!

“Oyster hut”, oysters as much as you like

It is attracting attention as a new tourist spot in Hiroshima prefecture as a place where travelers from other prefectures and foreign countries can also enjoy.
The appeal of the oyster hut is that you can enjoy oysters grown in the abundant nutrition of the Seto Inland Sea at a low cost and casually.
Freshly caught oysters are full of umami. Even more delicious is improved by grilling over charcoal! * Frozen products may be temporarily used depending on the purchase situation
The barbecue style, where you buy what you like and grill yourself, is popular.
Stores located in Kusatsu, Ujina, and Onomichi are registered on Oyster Road.

Choose by yourself and cook it your own way !

It is charcoal barbecue format where you cook by yourself. Each store has an all-you-can-eat style and a style where you can buy your favorite ingredients. There are also oyster huts that are offered directly at the production site, so you can enjoy oysters at reasonable prices.

Among them, the Hiroshima Oyster Road, which is one of the initiatives of the “Seto Inland Sea Road Project,” is a must-see. We are working to make it easier to eat oysters, a specialty of Hiroshima. There are shops scattered around the coast of the Seto Inland Sea, and the feature is that you can easily enjoy oysters at reasonable prices. We also provide information and knowledge about oysters, such as the production status of oysters and how to eat them.

“Oyster boat” where you can relax

Today, it is a rare oyster boat nationwide. “Kanawa”, an oyster farming company founded in the 3rd year of Keio, opened an oyster boat in Showa 38.
Located on the opposite shore of Peace Park, it is one of the most popular with tourists due to its good location.
At “Kakibune Kanawa,” only those harvested in particularly clean waters among the designated areas for raw food in Hiroshima prefecture are carefully selected. There are also a variety of original menus such as oyster smoked salads and kaki manju.

Enjoy the scenery and space along with the oysters

In the early Edo period, Hiroshima oysters were shipped to Osaka by oyster farming companies and sold directly. After that, in the middle of the Edo period, they gradually expanded their sales channels to cities other than Osaka, and from the flow of tasting food at the time of sale, they began to serve oyster dishes by setting up a tatami room on board. That's the beginning of the “Oyster Boat”.

At the end of the Edo period, oyster boats became popular, and in the Meiji period, it is said that hundreds of boats were operating nationwide as water restaurants with ships fixed to the coast. The kakibune spread the taste of Hiroshima oysters.
Currently, only two locations are open in Hiroshima prefecture: “Kakibune Kanawa” floating in Motoyasu River in Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, and “Aji Izakaya Kakibune” in Sakaikawa, Kure City.

Kure City, Japan's largest production volume by municipality

In terms of oyster production by municipal unit, it boasts the highest in Japan for 10 consecutive years for peeled meat and 7 consecutive years in shells. (From the 2016 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries data)

In terms of oyster production by municipal unit, it boasts the highest in Japan for 10 consecutive years for peeled meat and 7 consecutive years in shells. (From the 2016 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries data)

Enjoy dishes made with fresh oysters

Each producer repeatedly researches and improves, and each uses various ingenuity to produce oysters that are particular about quality, and ship them locally and nationwide.
There are various sea areas in Kure, and you can enjoy a variety of deliciousness depending on the producer.
They can also be purchased directly from the producer (prior notice required), but there are infinite combinations with various dishes that take advantage of the individuality of each oyster. The pleasure of choosing oyster dishes at local shops where people from oyster producing areas go is endless.

Special Feature : Big Oyster and Stroll in Miyajima

In Miyajima, there are many yakiyaki shops scattered around, and there are many takeout gourmets using oysters, such as oyster curry bread and kaki burgers.

Enjoy a variety of oysters while taking a walk!

It is difficult to eat oysters outside the prefecture only in winter, but in Hiroshima there are many shops and places where you can eat them all year round. Especially in Miyajima, they serve yakigaki ( grilled oysters) all year round as a gourmet dish lined with conger eel.

Around the “Omotesando Shopping Street”, there are many shops where you can enjoy yakigaki in various places. It can be tasted at a reasonable price, so it is one of the pleasures to compare and eat while walking around Miyajima. There are also shops that purchase custom-made oysters on their own and offer raw oysters even in the summer, so it's a must-see!

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