• Tai meshi
  • Sea bream net fishing method
  • Tai meshi
  • Sea bream net fishing method

Fukuyama (Tomonoura) where the traditional fishing method “sea bream fishing” is still handed down. During the “sea bream net fishing” season that starts in May, you can observe the powerful fishing from the top of the boat up close. The famous tai-meshi (sea bream rice) is a local gourmet dish that you should definitely try.

Sea bream in Fukuyama (Tomonoura)

Sea bream dishes
Sea bream sashimi

Enjoy fresh sea bream dishes!

In Setouchi, there have been many good quality red sea bream since ancient times, and sea bream fishing has been actively practiced.

In Sensuijima, which floats in Tomonoura in Fukuyama, is holds a powerful event “Fukuyama/Tomonoura Sightseeing Tai Net” every year in early summer. The “tai shibari net fishing method” is a traditional fishing method that has been handed down in Tomonoura for about 380 years, and tourists can watch it from a boat.

There are many shops selling sea bream dishes such as tai meshi (sea bream rice) and tai chazuke (sea bream ochazuke). It is a specialty of Tomonoura.

Taste the famous “sea bream dishes”!

I'm very satisfied with a luxurious meal!

In addition to the classic tai meshi and tai chazuke, we introduce sea bream dishes such as sea bream salt ramen and sea bream somen.Here are some shops where you can eat famous sea bream dishes.

Tai meshi chitose

This is a local restaurant where you can enjoy “tai-meshi” while gazing at the superb view of Tomonoura. The specialty “sea bream somen” is excellent.
552-7 Tomo, Tomo-cho, Fukuyama City TEL: 084-982-3165

Onfunayado Iroha

This ryokan is an old machiya renovated based on a design drawing by director Hayao Miyazaki. You can enjoy dishes made with local seasonal ingredients.
670 Tomo, Tomo-cho, Fukuyama City TEL: 084-982-1920

“Tomonoura Uyodokoro Tai-tei”

The gorgeous “Taimeshi Deluxe” with sashimi and pickles is perfect for eating! The luxurious “tai chazuke” is also one of the recommendations.
Fukuyama City Tomo-cho Tomo 550-4 TEL:084-982-0481

The traditional fishing method that remains in Tomonoura “Tai Shibari net fishing method”

State of the “Sea Bream Shibari Net Fishing Method”
Traditional fishing methods using ground nets

Traditional fishing methods that have continued since the Edo period

The “sea bream net fishing method” is said to have started about 380 years ago in the Edo period. Sea bream grown in the open sea during winter gather in the Seto Inland Sea, known for its gentle waves, to lay eggs in early summer.

The beginning of the sea bream net was when one of the local fishermen's boss tried to break out one net of the sea bream. It is a fishing method that was conceived instead of fishing for sea bream with ground nets and building nets until then. Currently, it is designated as an intangible folk cultural asset of Fukuyama City.

Don't miss the Seto Inland Sea tradition “Fukuyama/Tomonoura Sightseeing Tai Net”!

Observe “sea bream fishing” from the ship
You can see “sea bream fishing” nearby
The lively sea bream fishing by fishermen is a must-see

You can also experience the hauling of net !

During the bream fishing period from the beginning to the middle of May, you can observe “sea bream fishing” from the boat. Fishemens surround the fish with the traditional fishing method : see how the fish caught in the net are pulled up. For those who wish, you can actually help draw the net !

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