• Mihara's octopus dishes
  • Octopus kamameshi
  • Octopus tempura
  • Mihara's octopus dishes
  • Octopus kamameshi
  • Octopus tempura

Mihara is known as one of the leading octopus producing areas in the Seto Inland Sea. In addition to octopus rice, there is an abundance of octopus gourmet foods such as “takoyaki” and “octopus tempura” using the brand octopus “Mihara Yassa Octopus” from the Mihara Fisheries Cooperative Association.

Mihara's octopus

Mihara's octopus
Freshly caught octopus is delicious!

The chewy texture is irresistible!

There are many small islands scattered in the Seto Inland Sea off Mihara, and the water temperature does not change much, and the water quality is clean. There are many rocky areas where a lot of food that octopuses like gather, making it a perfect habitat for octopuses.

Mihara's octopuses are characterized by their short and thick legs. They eat high-class ingredients such as shrimp, crabs, etc., and are desperately stuck to rocks in rapids, so they are tight, and you can enjoy a chewy texture, and it is reputed to be delicious.

Let's taste “octopus rice”!

Fisherman's meal using chopped octopus

Octopus rice is a fisherman's meal that was originally eaten by fishermen by cutting freshly caught octopus on a boat and cooked it into rice. Here are some shops where you can eat the specialty “octopus rice” in Mihara.

Japanese restaurant Tokisho

An authentic Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy local octopus dishes such as octopus rice and fresh fish dishes.
3-2-7 Shiromachi, Mihara
TEL: 0848-62-7393


There is an abundance of dishes using fresh octopus caught off the coast of Mihara.
1-4-14, Minato-cho, Mihara
TEL: 0848-64-3200


Kamameshi set meals using local seafood are popular restaurants.
3-4-12 Minamigata, Mihara
TEL: 0848-86-2477
Ekiben “Ganso Chinran Takomeshi”

【Featured Column】
Ekiben “Ganso Chinben Takomeshi”

The Ekiben “Ganso Chinran Takomeshi,” which contains octopus boiled, is also popular.

If you want to eat “Mihara Yassa Octopus”

Octopus heaven

Let's stop by the roadside station “Mihara Shinmei no Sato”!

Roadside Station “Mihara Shinmei no Sato” sells Takoyaki using brand octopus “Mihara Yassa Octopus” sent directly from the local Mihara Fisheries Cooperative Association. It is a popular product where you can fully enjoy the flavor of octopus. Also, the “octopus tempura” made from the legs of “Mihara Yassa Octopus” is a recommended gourmet that tourists should definitely try.

Abundant “octopus related” souvenirs!

Octopus souvenirs
Tako Line
Takomeshi no moto

There are lots of manju, rice crackers, pies, etc.!

Mihara where you can enjoy a variety of octopus dishes such as octopus course meals, Western dishes, okonomiyaki, and sweets. “Takomomiji”, a collaboration between Hiroshima's famous momiji manju and octopus, is an original sweet with octopus in cheese cream. There are many other sweets made with octopus, such as “tako sen,” “octopus pie manju,” and “tako sable.” You can buy them at “Ebisuya” near Mihara Station.

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