From traditional Japanese sweets to unique sweets

  • “Hassaku Daifuku” by Hassaku Ya
  • Kameya's “Kawadori Mochi”
  • Nagasakido's “Butter Cake”
  • Kyogakudo's “Hitotsubu no Muscat”
  • Backen Mozart's “Oatmeal natural fresh cookies”
  • “Custard cream Bun” by Hattendo
  • “Melonpan” from melonpan
  • “Hassaku Daifuku” by Hassaku Ya
  • Kameya's “Kawadori Mochi”
  • Nagasakido's “Butter Cake”
  • Kyogakudo's “Hitotsubu no Muscat”
  • Backen Mozart's “Oatmeal natural fresh cookies”
  • “Custard cream Bun” by Hattendo
  • “Melonpan” from melonpan

Sweets are indispensable for “sweet memories of a trip” in Hiroshima. From unique products unique to Hiroshima to best-sellers that have been loved locally for a long time, it is a deliciousness that makes you want to eat everything.

Hassaku Jelly & Hassaku Daifuku

Innoshima's Hassaku Jelly
“Hassaku Daifuku” by Hassaku Ya

Sweets unique to the Setouchi region that contain a whole fruit

“Hassaku Jelly” is a luxurious whole of Hassaku from Innoshima, Hiroshima prefecture. It has a refreshing acidity and sweetness that makes it delicious even in hot weather. Also, “Hassaku Daifuku” is calling for a quiet boom. It is a gentle taste Japanese confectionery filled with fresh fruits wrapped in white bean paste inside a mochi kneaded with mandarin oranges.

Nagasakido's butter cake

Nagasakido's “Butter Cake”
There is also a line in front of the shop

When you open the box, the scent of butter spreads softly

The butter cake invented by the first castella craftsman in Nagasaki has been a long-selling product for over 50 years. A rich butter scent spreads over the fine-grained golden sponge cake. The old-fashioned gentle taste has been loved locally for a long time, and it seems that it sells out in one hour during the busy season. It is a gem that you want to get even if you stand in line.

Kawadori mochi

“Kawadori mochi” at Kameya's sweets shop
There are delicious Japanese sweets lined up in the store

A famous Hiroshima confection that has a reputation for its simple taste

It is one of Hiroshima's famous confectionery made with walnuts added to high-quality gyuhi. Bite-sized Japanese sweets sprinkled with soybean flour are simple but have a deep flavor that becomes a habit once eaten.

Muscat from Kyogakudo

Kyogakudo's “Hitotsubu no Muscat”

Limited edition only for summer when Muscat is available (around May to September)

A sweet made by wrapping fresh muscat picked in the morning in gyuhi. With a manufacturing method that has not changed for nearly 40 years, skilled craftsmen carefully wrap each one in thin gyuhi. You can enjoy the exquisite harmony of the fruity and fresh taste of whole Muscat and the slightly sweet gyuhi.

Oatmeal Natural Fresh Cookies

“Freshly baked barley cookies” representing Bakken Mozart
The crispy texture is easy to eat
Carp design packaging

Confident work that won the highest gold award from Monde Selection

A cookie with a crispy texture that uses “karasu barley” with high nutritional value. It is one of the products that represent the long-established confectionery shop Bakken Mozart in Hiroshima. The package also has a carp design, so it is recommended as a souvenir for men and children who love baseball.

The ultimate custard cream bun and melon pan found in Hiroshima

“Creamepan” by Hattendo
“Melonpan” from melonpan

Bakeries from Hiroshima in research for the “ultimate” pastry

Introducing 2 shops from among many popular bakeries in the prefecture. Founded in Showa 8, the recommendation at Hattendo in Mihara City is “Creamepan”. The moist and fluffy dough is filled with cream that is gentle on sweetness, and when you put it in your mouth, it seems to melt as it is! It's like sweets. The other is “melonpan”, a specialty of Kure. The rugby ball-shaped dough is covered with biscuits on the outside, and the inside is filled with custard cream with a nostalgic taste. It has a good texture to eat and is full of volume. Both popular breads can be purchased in Hiroshima, as well as the main stores in Mihara and Kure, so please try them.

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