You can enjoy the taste of Hiroshima at home through online shopping.

Hiroshima prefecture product online shop site

You can buy popular products from Hiroshima prefecture at home through online shopping!

Hiroshima brand shop TAU

At TAU, from gems that are already appreciated and loved by everyone all over the country, to local specialty products and new products that are loved by the citizens of Hiroshima prefecture although they are not nationwide known, and new products with rich potential, and if they were originally only available in Hiroshima We collect and offer a selection of items that can convey the charm of “real” Hiroshima, such as products with high rarity value that have not been included in. Please come across the various “treasures” that Hiroshima is proud of on the TAU shopping site.

Hiroshima Yume Plaza

We have a lineup of products from Hiroshima prefecture in the city and town of Hiroshima prefecture. We also have a variety of gift sets for your hometown. From the recommended products, the staff also digs up and introduces “gem that you care about” without permission! By all means, “real food! A gem I care about!” It's also good to see and choose!

Hiroshima sake

As one of the three major sake establishments in Japan, Saijo continues to make delicious sake along with Fushimi in Kyoto and Nada in Hyogo. Other than Saijo, sake brewing is thriving, and even in areas such as Shobara Tojo, Takehara, and Kure, delicious sake is brewed thanks to the famous water, delicious sake rice that springs from the Chugoku Mountains, and the warm climate.

Roadside Station Online Shop

We will deliver delicious sweets and special products from the roadside station.

Satoyama Shoten 500

From 14 roadside stations in the prefecture, we will deliver an assortment of items that are filled with sincerity in the region, such as popular sweets and special products! “For home meal” and “To my child who lives alone” Your “order” will lead to support for producers.

Roadside Station Sera Online Shop

There are some of the best running courses in Japan in Sera-cho. There is also a fantastic flower garden. You can also get sweet sweet fruits. There is a sharp difference in temperature and temperature, and some fresh vegetables are grown under location conditions suitable for growing agricultural products. Roadside Station Sera has a role as a base for touring Sera-cho. Traditionally made bread from the popular bakery “Navel Cafe & Bakery”. It is a stomach-friendly bread packed with natural umami ingredients and nutrients such as amino acids, enzymes, and B vitamins. “Agricultural Union Legal Person Uzuto”, which is particular about safety and security, has acquired “JGAP”, a system that certifies the safety of agricultural crops and safety standards of farm management through an examination by a third party organization. In addition, we also offer assorted organic vegetables, old-fashioned pickles, and smoked wild boar and deer. We hope that as many people as possible will know about the new efforts of Roadside Station, which is also encouraging local producers by delivering seasonal flowers and agricultural products.

Roadside Station Raiyume and Gochi Online Shop

Roadside Station Raimu and Gochi are rich in nature, such as the country's special scenic spot Sandankyo, the second highest arch dam in Japan, Ini's rice terraces selected as one of the top 100 rice terraces in Japan, and Mount Dinarakan with an elevation of 1,346 m, the highest peak in the prefecture It is located at the entrance of Akiota Town, a tourist town. In online shopping, we will deliver a number of products that shine with handicrafts that are proud of the town, such as Gion Bokaki-related products, which are special products, and Hiroshima prefecture-designated traditional crafts “Togochi Kakimono and Gochikurimono”. In Gion Bokaki products, including Choco-chan, who won the semi-grand prize in the national souvenir Grand Prix, the famous waffle store “” loved in Hiroshima × Gionbo persimmon producer in the town × former professional baseball player, Manabu Kitabeppu, is run by Mr. Manabu Kitabeppu We have a lineup of Gion Bokaki waffles, etc., which are jointly developed products by Kitabeppu Farm. In addition, there are plenty of alcoholic beverages such as craft beer and shochu using agricultural products produced in the town, Togochi whiskey, Takayama, Tenku nobility, etc., where Chinese brewing is stored in a tunnel in Tekakedo Kawachi. We also offer a variety of other products, so please visit our online shop.

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